10 types of Bra every woman must have

Bra is one of the most essential things we all use in our day to day life. It’s a very basic need of every woman, but has several kinds available to match your every mood and styling need. Since a wrong type of bra can make you uncomfortable in public and can spoil the overall look, you must pay heed on what you are opting for. So, here I am listing down the ten types of bra you must own that’ll go with every outfit, occasion, mood and need of yours.

Strapless Bra

Strapless bra does not have any annoying and sticky straps, and is mostly worn with strapless dresses and tops. Most of the strapless bras have good support to the cups of bra that makes it stay right in place. If you have a thin strapped dress, strapless bra is a must as it offers perfect fit. You should discard a strapless bra after 5-6 months as its support power gets reduced with time.

Sports Bra

For people who exercise a lot, this one is a necessity. It is really important to wear a bra that can give you comfort and of course support to your breasts. Sports bras are specially designed for girls who workout daily and require ample support. These do not come with the hassles of hooks and help keep your breasts in place, yet keeps them comfortable. If you workout and do not use a good quality sports bra, you stand a chance to make your breasts sag.

Demi Bra

Demi bra is a partially cut off bra that covers the lower side of breast. Demi bra makes your breasts look fuller and shapely. This, in turn, helps the navel to appear sexier. Demi bra make a perfect match with square necklines.

Backless Bra

Backless bra is mostly designed to be worn under a backless dress, and is often confused with strapless less bra which retains back straps yet lacks shoulder straps. Often, a backless bra can also be converted to strapless. Silicone stick-ons are your alternative to these backless bras.

Full Cup Bra

Full cup bras are designed to cover the entire breast area. Such bras are suitable for women with large or fuller breasts. When full cup bra was first introduced in the fashion industry, it became compulsory to wear a simple, shapely and full cup bra.

Push Up Bra

Push up bra is one of the most popular types of bra which many women love to wear over tees and basic attires. Push up bras enhance and help to make the cleavage appear a bit more sexy. 90% of the women feel comfortable and confident wearing such bras.

Convertible Bra

You really need to have this one! The convertible bra mostly has straps that can be rearranged into another forms and styles. A convertible bra is a quick and easy solution to most of the dresses where you can rearrange it according to your own needs, and this kind of bras look great with every kind of dresses.

Statement Bra

Statement bra can be your best friend at times when you have a backless dress and you really don’t wish to show off your back. At such times, you need an eye catching and a statement adding piece of cloth in the form of a bra. Statement bras are most gorgeous ones as they are meant to add elegance to the backless dress. The pattern is really impressing which pops up easily.

Basic Bralette

Basic bralette is mostly worn by women in their 30s as this option seems more comfortable and relaxing than the rest. This basic piece is made out of cotton or spandex which proves it to be skin friendly. You can wear a basic bralette everyday and they go easily for a year. They are basically non padded and seamless.

Nude Bra

I really needed to include this in the list after those sheer and rather sexy ones. With your whites and light colored clothes, it is always a great option to wear a nude bra. Also, it complements an array of dresses depending upon the style. You really need not worry about wearing the right color of bra under your clothes all the time since this one is always right!

So, how many of you have all of them? Also, let me know if I missed any one of them!

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