19 years old girl skates to the ice and lets the whole stadium cover in goosebumps

A lot of people love to take to the ice and have fun, but not many can make it look so spectacular. Skater Taryn Jurgensen is capable of more then that! She has the ability to bring the entire stadium to their feet and cover everyone in goosebumps. During the 2010 Los Angeles Showcase in Burbank, California, this 19 year old performed an unbelievable routine set to the song “Hallelujah.”

We all know the music and the chilling lyrics, but Taryn managed to raise it to the whole other level of amazing. The massive crowd watched in awe her incredible footwork and fluid movements. Most of them were caught breathless as she executed those incredible jumps. There are no other words to describe her performance then remarkable!

Before they even announced it, the entire audience knew she going to get the prize. Taryn’s interpretation of the song on ice earned her the Funakoshi Trophy, a top prize at the showcase.

This video has been viewed more then 6 million times and people are amazed by this 19 year old’s talent.

-Taryn, I watch this video of you frequently. Your elegance, grace and skill are so inspiring. I started skating at 59 and hold onto the dream that sometime, in this life, I will be able to skate half as beautifully as you. Your choice of music, costume and choreography is most beautiful. Thank you!

-I still watch this video and die at how amazing you are…. beautiful song choice…. beautiful girl.. so much artistry and depth and so well executed im just obsessed

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