She is only 9, but her music is just magical! How is it possible?

She was only 5 years old when she sat behind the harp and played for the first time. This was in fact the first time Alisa Sadikova played any instrument at all. Her teacher was absolutely amazed, and that was the moment she knew this child is going to be extraordinary.

When those little fingers start strumming the harp strings, it sounds absolutely divine. Alisa`s talent runs in her veins as her sisters are also musicians. You can see that she is born to be great. The music she creates is just magical, and for the moment it seems like the time stands absolutely still.

Being such a talented young girl, it makes me sad that she does not actually own a harp. Alisa practices everyday on a completely broken and out of tune instrument that was lent to her by the conservatory. But, that does not stop her from being perfect, she loves to play harp and people love listening to her music.

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