A public announcement – fake movie bills being passed of as legal money in Kentucky.

Fake movie prop bills being passed off as legitimate money are popping up in Hyden, Kentucky.

On Monday morning, March 19, Hyden Citizens Bank made a public service announcement on its Facebook page warning people to monitor their cash.

The bank said that the bills are currently being passed around in their community as legal money.

“We recommend everyone closely monitor every bill you receive over the next few weeks. If you feel that someone has tried using these fake bills, you should contact the proper authorities,” the bank wrote, in part.

The bills look very realistic but upon closer inspection, there are signs that give them away.

According to the bank, on the front and back of the bills, the words “This is a replica” can be found in little banners. While the face side of the bills say, “This note is not legal. It is to be used for motion pictures.”

If you find that someone has tried using these fake movie prop bills, contact your local authorities.

It was previously reported that counterfeiters printing cash have been found and arrested across 11 different states over the past six months.

States with reported incidents have included New York, Iowa, Illinois, and Michigan.


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