All occasions flower bun every women can do tutorial

We want to show you the flower bun tutorial today. One is an everyday/office hairstyle and another a party/event hairstyle. Both of these you can tweak and adjust to your preferences, dress it up or down or just keep it very simple with just the braid alone. The base of these two buns are the rope braid. The rope braid was personally the most difficult for me to master, only because I got frustrated very quickly when the braid gets loosened at the end and loses it’s ‘rope’ like effect. The only way to get around this is to really put your mind to it when you are braiding. I am sure, a lot of others usually do braids mindlessly, because it is so routine and we know it so well. But, this braid is not like that. You need to concentrate on what you are doing, but be careful not to tug too much at the roots, which will end up damaging your hair. There is no need to be harsh and tug at all, you can be gentle and the braid will be just as nice and comfortable!

Office/Everyday Flower Bun Hairstyle:

Part your hair above your ears, gather at the back and tie into a ponytail. You now have a half up half down hairstyle. Now divide the pony into 2 sections and start twisting them both in the clockwise direction (going away from your face) and then start twirling the sections around each other in the anti-clockwise direction (towards your face). This is the trickiest part in the braid. You have to keep twisting and turning until you reach the end of the ponytail and then tie it off with a rubber band.

Now, start wrapping the braid around the base of the ponytail completely and first bobby pin the ends; this will make sure your bun doesn’t come undone while you are pinning the rest of it in place. Now, once the end is secure, start pinning all around the bun. I usually put anywhere from 4 to 6 bobby pins in. Put a decorative clip if you want and spray the bun with hairspray.


Party Flower Bun Hairstyle:

Gather all your hair at the back and tie into a ponytail. The placement of the ponytail is purely your preference; you can put it high up at your crown or down below, near the nape of the neck. I tend to do mine somewhere in the middle. Part your ponytail into 2 sections and put one section aside by bringing it to the front and tying it off with a rubber band.

Split the first section into 2 more sections and start twisting them both in the clockwise direction (going away from your face) and start twisting the sections around each other in the anti-clockwise direction (going towards your face). Keep repeating this until you reach the end of your hair. Tie it off with a rubber band. Repeat the same steps with the other section. You now have 2 rope braids in your ponytail.

Now, begin twisting one of the braids around the base of the ponytail and secure it’s end first, pin 1 or 2 more times all around the bun. When this braid feels secure, tie the other braid around the first and start pinning the second one in place. I use about 6 pins all around the bun. After everything is secure, add your accessories if you are using them and apply hairspray to set it in place.


Always carry a compact (with mirror) and extra Bobby pins and rubber bands with you, since the bun may come undone if not pinned correctly. If you have secured all your hair into the bun, this has very less chance of happening.
The way to know if you have done the braid right is to check after putting it in the rubber band. It should not come undone and lose the effect of the rope.
Bobby pinning is as much of an art as braiding I believe. It can make or break your hairstyles. So, always pin with the wiggly curved part going near your scalp and the straight part of the pin going into the bun. This is the best way to hold your hair in place. So, the pin should go perpendicular to your hair, with the squiggly part facing your hair. Also, the pins should never hurt or tug at your hair. If this does happen, take out the pin and reposition and pin again.
If you want even more hold for your pins, spray the pins with hairspray before using them.
Please be patient while doing the rope braid, it does take practice to get right, but I urge you not to get frustrated and give up. Like knitting, it just takes practice and patience.

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