American woman left comfortable life to be a rural housewife in India, how she could bear this cultural shock?

For American Adriana Peral, love knows no boundaries. She left her comfortable life in California to become a housewife in rural India, and she’s happier than ever before.

Adriana Peral met Mukesh Kumar, who is 16 years her junior, online in February 2013. The pair hit it off, and Adriana soon found herself flying to India to be with him, leaving behind her job and 25-year-old daughter, Lucy.

Life in India would prove to be a culture shock for Adriana, who had an active lifestyle in the States going to the gym or hitting the club scene with friends. She managed to adjust, and within months, she wed Mukesh.


The pair live in a farmhouse located in the village of Popran. The comforts of modern homes, such as an inside toilet, are nonexistent there, but Adriana is content and happy. She wouldn’t trade the life she has there with Mukesh for anything in the world.

Check out the video to see Adriana’s life in India:

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