An outstanding performance of Angel City Chorale’s “Africa” surpasses 7 million views

Over seven million. That’s how many times people from all over the world have pointed their browsers to YouTube and watched Angel City Chorale’s version of “Africa,” the classic 1980s pop hit originally recorded by Toto.

It’s hard to believe now that “Africa” was almost not released when Toto first recorded it in 1982.

Angel City Chorale is thrilled that “Africa” was the one that didn’t get away. The song has given us the chance to connect with listeners worldwide. It’s incredibly humbling to read the reactions that listeners are sharing in the comments on YouTube. One listener really got to the heart of what Angel City Chorale is all about: “it is amazing to witness what so many, many people can accomplish in unity and harmony,” they commented. Just as exciting to us are the number of people who commented that we’ve inspired them to start singing. You can see it over and over again in the YouTube comments: “I wanna be in a choir!” “Makes me want to learn how to sing,” and more. It’s one thing to know that you’ve made someone’s day with a musical performance. But knowing that you’ve inspired them to start making music, too? That can feel like you’ve shared a deeply meaningful experience with someone.

A song which was recorded back in 1982, very soon became a mega hit. Since than it was covered many, many times, but I am sure you never heard a version like this one. This unique and outstanding performance of Toto’s “Africa” will definitely bring a smile to your face and keep it there for a while. The Angel City Chorale delivered this rendition using one of a kind intro that will make your say wow!

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