Brave cyclist does the most breathtaking ride ever – biking Cullin Ridgeline

Where do you find adventure? A trip to a Cozumel? Jumping out of an airplane? An adorable christmas pageant brawl? The options are endless. However, if you’re Danny Macaskill you take things a bit further.

Danny is a 31-year-old professional cyclist originally from Scotland.

He’s famous for his incredible stunt videos posted on YouTube. They’re not only beautifully shot and well-produced, but Danny seemingly puts his life on the line in each video, accomplishing breathtaking feats on two wheels.

Possibly his most famous feat was a few years ago when he took his extreme mountain biking to Cuillin Ridgeline on the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

He has to take a row boat just to get to the actual island.

And the ‘fun’ starts as soon as he steps outside the boat.

Rock-hopping with a log bridge? Sure. Jumping over waterfalls? Why not?

Danny maneuvers every obstacle and stays on his bike the entire time.

Well, unless he’s climbing a mountain which he intends to ride down.

Yep, he’s just crazy enough to conquer this as well.


What’s crazier? All of the aforementioned shots were just Danny’s warm up, a tune up before climbing another mountain and biking an even more dangerous ridge that looks like this.

Mmmhmm … No thanks!

Watch the incredible video of Danny’s journey below.

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