Check here what the position of birthmark on your body means

Myths say that birthmarks are associated with the events of your past life while science says that it occurs due to excess melanin production during birth and there are numerous other theories which reveal different ways of reading the birthmark. The fact, however, is that your birthmark does have some effect on either your personality, your luck or the choices you make in life. It completely depends on you to believe in them or not but if you do, here’s what the position of your birthmark signifies for you.

1. Stomach

A birthmark on the stomach reveals a satisfied personality, someone who is content with what they have in life and would like to live in peace and harmony. It shows inclinations towards a jovial life, happy and full of laughter and hatred for chaos and disruption.

2. Near Your Mouth

The birthmark near the mouth speaks of your outspoken nature, your tendency to be straightforward and blunt. You are not the one to hold back and would say what you feel and say it the way you see it. You’d rather speak a harsh truth than sugarcoat a lie.

3. Left Cheek

A birthmark on the left cheek indicates slight financial difficulties but also the strength to tackle it. It indicates that there would be difficulties but when the time comes you would find the appropriate help from places you didn’t even expect and that’s what will get you through your tough times.

4. Right Cheek

A birthmark on the right chin indicates a passionate personality. It reveals a person who is driven, ambitious and willing to achieve what they dream of. It signifies a goal-oriented person who will not stop till the world is theirs.

5. On the chin

A birthmark on the chin may signify that you may be a bit hot-tempered. Not that you unleash at the slightest things but that you don’t hold yourself back when provoked. This would, however, work in your favor as people don’t talk nonsense in front of straight-forward people.

6. On the back

It has been observed that people with a birthmark on their backs are open, honest and quite straightforward. They do not hide things, don’t manipulate and would never stoop low, so as to deceive someone. They would either accept someone for all they are or reject them. Never would they let them remain stranded.

7. On the forehead

A birthmark smack in the middle of the forehead is almost like a mark of destiny. People with this mark are known to be achievers and leaders of their fields. They lead by example, adapt to situations and move forward with a sense of absolute certainty in them.

8. Shoulders

A birthmark on your shoulder literally reveals the burden you would be carrying your entire life. It reveals that there would be responsibilities which you would need to bear but you would receive help too. The thing is, there’ll be a weight upon your shoulders and it would be up to you to either buckle under it or carry it with a smile.

9. Bottom of your feet

A birthmark on the bottom of your feet reveals that you would be a trendsetter, someone who would set standards for others and that the benchmark which you provide would become an aspiration for the rest. You would, as it were, leave your mark on the sands of time.

10. Outer thigh

A birthmark on the outer thigh signifies a stranded personality which is looking for peace. You would be filled with thoughts and they may muddle your head to no extent but that would also be a boon for you, as it is only those who have thoughts in their minds, can change the world as we know it.

11. On the neck

A birthmark on the neck indicates a cautious personality. You would not be the one to rush into decisions and would take your time to think of them. You are restrained in your speech, reserved in your personality but would have a sweet personality which would charm and heal.

12. On the nose

A birthmark on the nose indicates beauty of the heart. It shows a person who is sweet, kind, caring and most of all generous of spirit. You are the sort of person who knows how to give and give unconditionally. And if there’s one thing you hate, it’s deception and lies for you can’t stand them.

13. On your palms

If there’s a birthmark on your palms, it means that you are the sort of person who is in control of his/her actions. You know what you are meant to do and you do it your way. You are generous while giving and you welcome with open arms. Not the one to fight, you are meant to lend a helping hand, always.

14. On the arms

If you have a birthmark on your arm, it means that you are patient and practice restraint as everytime you are about to do some wrong, your mark reminds you of your fate and you do the right thing. The fact is, you would always do the right thing than the easier one and that is what would make you stand out when it matters.

15. On your legs

Born to go further than anyone else, your birthmark would be a constant reminder of how far you still have to go and so much you still have to achieve. It would tell you to never stop, no matter what and when you persist with your efforts, you would eventually find peace at heart.

16. On your breast

A birthmark on the breasts is an indicator of a bright future and fortune. It’s not that you would find it easy or that life would be exceptionally kind to you but that your efforts would be rewarded. It would, therefore, be completely up to you to make what you can of your life.

17. At the right side of your forehead

A birthmark on the right side of your forehead signifies a bright personality, someone who is capable of finding solutions and thinking out of the box. You would generally be the one to innovate and come up with ideas that are practical and feasible. You would always be looked at for solving a problem and that would make you the person, most in demand.

18. Left side of the forehead

A birthmark on the left side of your forehead is indicative of your creative personality. It signifies that you would forever be in search of perfection and even if you don’t achieve it, you would be as close to it as anyone. You would never find yourself out of ideas and the one thing that your personality would do is charm others into sheer awe.

19. On your chest

A birthmark on your chest reveals a heart which is blessed with love. Not everyone has this but those who do, know that there is love in them that transcends all. They know that they have loved unconditionally and that their capacity to give is immense. It is not just a birthmark but a mark of beautiful heart in search of true love.

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