Couple adopted 12-year-old boy, but when they got to know him better, they changed the decision…

Children — are great happiness, they are our continuation in this world.

Unfortunately, due to various reasons, many couples are unable to have a baby. Claudio and Mariela from Argentina had been trying to have a baby for a very long time. In spite of the fact they had decided to turn to artificial insemination, these attempts had also been unsuccessful. Therefore the couple had only one option left – to adopt a child.

As it turned out, not everything is simple. It took long 10 years, before the couple received a message that they can adopt a child. Finally, the happy day had arrived! Seeing this 12 year old boy named Julio, they immediately understood — it’s their baby they waited so long.

The kid literally stole the hearts of Mareli and Claudio. Only one sad thing damped the uncontainable happiness of the family: the boy kept missing his four sisters and brothers.

Claudio and Mariela allowed Julio to see them, so children regularly began to come to visit.

After a few such meetings Mariela and Claudio realized that family cannot be separated. And the couple took the most serious decision in their lives and adopted all Julio’s brothers and sisters!

A happier ending to this story is hard to imagine. Now Claudio and Mariela, who had not recently even dreamed of having a kid, have a big family with five children.

Bravo! Let them always be happy together!

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