Dad helped to his 6 years old son with his home assignement and the result went viral, check it yourself

Everyone loves to blame the people who report the weather when the weather doesn’t happen exactly as predicted. Only two inches of snow instead of the three to six inches that was predicted? It’s the weatherman’s fault!

Although, we’d bet people would have a hard time blaming Nashville’s newest weatherman, Carden Corts, if he ever got the forecast wrong.

Carden Corts is 6 years old.

According to News Channel 5, Carden’s kindergarten class at Waverly Belmont Elementary School in the Nashville area has spent the last month learning about meteorology.

As part of their lesson each student was assigned a day during the month and given the task to provide a weather report—with the help of their parents.

For the past month Carden has been learning all about the weather.

When Carden’s father heard about his son’s assignment he was excited.

“I work at Rated Red, a design studio in Nashville, and we have a green screen video in our office so when I saw this assignment I felt like I had been waiting my whole life for this,” his father, Charlie Cortssaid. “No seriously, I thought it was something we could have fun with.”

Carden’s father helped him film his weather report.

After school one day the father and son went to Charlie’s office, Carden put on his suit jacket and the two filmed the kindergartner’s homework assignment in less than 10 minutes.

After a quick introduction and shoutout to the sponsors—the letter “C” and Pokemon cards—Carden showed off his new “weather simulator.”

Let’s just say all weather reports should be given by a 6-year-old using this weather simulator.

His weather report has now been seen over 750,000 times!

The 6-year-old nailed the weather report.

We’re not sure what kind of grade Carden got for his assignment, but he gets an A+ from us!

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