First we saw these earrings, we couldn’t believe that it is real, but it is

Accessories are pretty amazing to wear and who does not like to have a collection of them? But we are about to show you a pair of earrings and nose rings that will make you wonder who in their right mind thought of turning them into jewelry. These pairs of earrings are something you would have never seen and you would wish that you hadn’t as well.

Without further ado let us introduce you to these bizarre earrings. These earrings are nothing but a big pimple. Yes, that is right. Like having them wasn’t a death sentence already that people actually made them into something they could wear with their own consent. When someone looks at them the first question that pops up is why even call it a piece of jewelry because aren’t jewelry supposed to be pretty?

There is nothing really appealing about these pairs. However, there is a story behind why they came into existence. Quite a lot of times we have to go to places that are not really keen on piercings. One such example is school or even a work place. These two places, in particular, are not really keen on seeing people with piercing and this jewelry happens to be the solution that people wanted.

One can hide their piercing by just placing these earring instead of anything else. As crazy as it sounds, it happens to work in a lot of cases. There have been people who are excited to have this product as some believed that this could finally open the door for wearing piercings to the office or even to school. However, not everyone was happy with the odd looking earrings.

Many did not like the idea of having a big zit on their face and other protested the idea as they thought it would bring in all the attention that they did not require from the people. We are not really sure if you can wear them as a piece of jewelry, but, here are some pictures of the people who tried this and the internet is not sure how to react:

What are your thoughts on these earrings? Would you be willing to try them on?

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