Guy wears a ‘Cone of shame’ to support his kitten

Rengar is only 6 months old, and he and his dad have already been best friends for most of his life. The pair are incredibly close and love doing everything together — and so when Rengar was going through a rough time, his dad found the perfect way to make him feel less alone.

Rengar and his dad have very similar personalities. They can both be very stubborn and don’t like being told what to do, but they’re also very affectionate when they want to be, and together they make the perfect team. The pair are rarely apart, from napping together …

… to playing video games …

… to just hanging out and being goofy.

When little Rengar had to get neutered, he was not at all happy about having to wear a “cone of shame” afterward. His dad cuddled with him and tried his best to make him feel better, but Rengar was still feeling down — and so his dad came up with the best idea.

In about 30 seconds, he was able to fashion a large, person-sized cone for himself …

… and put it on to show Rengar that he wasn’t alone in this.

“Rengar was confused at first, then when he realized his dad was also wearing the ‘cone of shame,’ was more comfortable,” Sarah Proctor, Rengar’s mom, told.

Rengar immediately began to relax a little when he saw that his best friend was also wearing a cone, and didn’t seem to mind it as much after that. After all, he and his dad do everything together, so if his dad was wearing a cone too, it couldn’t be that bad.

Rengar loves his dad more than anything, so as long as they’re always together, he can face absolutely anything.

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