Hipster snake with a fashionable appearance.

Judging from his effortlessly fashionable appearance, this particular snake might best be described as before-it-was-cool-blooded.

Texas State Parks/Karlie Gray

Texas Parks and Wildlife recently shared Karlie Gray’s photos of the rather stylish reptile, a Western rat snake, who’d apparently been spotted out and about in the wild — perhaps while he was en route to some underground coffee shop you’ve probably never heard of.

Not only does the snake’s facial markings make it seem as though he’s wearing a pair of oversized black sunglasses, he’s also got what appears to be a perfectly ironic mustache to complete the hipster look.

(We can only guess he left his fixed gear bike locked up outside the raw organic kale shop.)

Texas State Parks/Karlie Gray

Jokes aside, it’s always worth stopping to appreciate the great diversity of the Animal Kingdom — even among creatures who run a little more mainstream.

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