This husky demands a lot of love from owner, funny and adorable, this video will make your day

We’ve all seen a dog that absolutely loves a good scratch behind the ears—but in the face of this kind of unconditional love, how could anyone resist?

Luckily for this adorable, oversized husky, he’s got an owner ready and willing to shower him with all the love and affection a pup could ever ask for.

It’s not enough for this snuggly snow dog to just get some scratches behind the ears—not even close. And his human better not even think about stopping! As you can see what happens in this adorable clip, the furry friend insists that the attention continue.

Just try watching this and not be overcome by the display of pure bliss coming from the canine companion when he suddenly gets everything he wanted and then some!

For all their reputation as a fierce snow dog, though, the breed is surprisingly ready for shows of affection; all it takes is a warm environment and they’ll be begging for hugs all day long.

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