Little girl started to play flute for a street musician, and then got a surprise in return!

It was a beautiful day in the city of Nuremberg, Germany, and it brought many people outside. Group of children were playing in the courtyard outside the church, while a street busker was trying to entertain them. You might think it’s just an ordinary day, and it would be, if one little girl did not quietly approach the musician…

She raised her wooden flute and started playing the opening notes to Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Little did she know that she just sparked one of the most amazing flash mobs ever.

Soon enough, more and more musicians emerged from the group of unassuming onlookers. Moments later, we had an entire orchestra and a chorus performing beautiful piece of music. The crowd definitely did not expect this, but they just got one the best surprises ever. You can guess, there were lots of smiling faces out there.

The performance was orchestrated by a German bank in concert with members of Germany’s Hans Sachs Choir and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Nuremberg. Now this is what I call, an awesome promotion.

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