Man seems to kick an alligator on a busy highway, but watch the video to know the truth

A fascinating video taken on the US 90 highway strip in Raceland, Louisiana, shows an alligator stranded on the median not knowing which way to turn—until a fearless young man came to its rescue.

Jay Bourg and David Dotson spotted the alligator on the busy highway and decided to help, reported HOT 107.9. Fortunately for the alligator, it was a lucky day as Bourg went ahead to catch the big reptile with his bare hands before eventually releasing it back into Bayou Lafourche.

However, catching the alligator proved a serious challenge. The reptile wouldn’t let Bourg come near, and with gaping jaws, it was ready to bite. Every time he tried to grab it, it would use its tail to outmaneuver him. Cleverly, Bourg found a way to quickly wear it out (which might look cruel, but it seemed as if it was the only way) that enabled him to get close enough to the reptile’s strong snapper and grab it.

Watch how he eventually caught the gator.

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