Nephew teaches aunt’s rude neighbor how to park his car


We have all been there, at least once in a lifetime, and it’s never a pleasant situation. You get in your car to run some errands only to find out that someone has blocked your driveway. Well, this woman has been dealing with it for a full month every day! Rude neighbors kept leaving their cars in front of her house constantly and it was driving her insane.

When the poor woman ran out of ideas, she decided to call for some help, and what a help it was! Turns out she has a nephew who is a professional heavy-weight lifter. Hakan Acar, or better known as the “Tulk”, the Turkish Hulk, took matter into his own hands – literally! Tulk resolved the situation by moving the entire car on his own, and it was quite a sight to see.

His aunt’s driveway was finally free and I am pretty sure neighbors will not make the same mistake again. Watch the footage and tell us what you think about it.


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