New fishtail eyebrow trend is taking over Instagram

We are not new to eyebrow trends or bizarre eyebrow trends for that matter but the scale of bizarre just keeps getting higher and higher. However, there is a new fish in town and it is taking over Instagram. The newest eyebrow trend is officially known as the fishtail eyebrow trend for the simple reason that it resembles the tail of a fish and it actually looks pretty darn good!

Source: hudabeauty, Instagram

Unlike some of the trends in the past, the fishtail eyebrow is actually something that many women will be able to wear and pull off successfully. The trend was first reported by Bustle and it involves a fairly simple procedure which means shaping the end of your eyebrow into two distinct sections; each one angled in a different direction.

No glitter, glam, drawings, or squiggles required for this new trend and all you need to do is get someone to shape your eyebrows according to the trend. Many Instagram models and bloggers have taken to sporting this new eyebrow trend on their personal pages and the trend is quickly gaining popularity.

Source: skyzeditz, Instagram

One such model, Huda Kattan, previously promoted the McDonald’s brow as well as the Nike brow and recently took to posting pictures of her sporting the fishtail eyebrow. This is the caption with which she had uploaded the picture, ” Fishtail Brows 🐠 Which do you like better? 2 or 3?”

Source: hudabeauty, Instagram

Kattan, however, did not draw the brows on herself nor did she have someone do it for her. Instead, they were photoshopped on by another Instagram user, SkyzEditz. The user SkyzEditz has also photoshopped the fishtail brows onto many other Instagram influencers as well as photoshopped them onto none other than Rihanna. The new look is gaining popularity fast and the surprising thing is that it actually suits some faces very well.

skyzeditz, Instagram
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