Ridiculous happening in a Dutch harbor – eagles “attacked” a deck))

The last time the Alaskan seaside town of Dutch harbor made major headlines was in 1942 as 20 Japanese planes from two aircraft carriers bombed a U.S military base in the battle of Dutch Harbor, targeting fuel depots and radio towers and inflicted moderate damage to the military base.

After the war, the town has been flourishing with a successful fishing industry. And as the population increases due to the popularity and steady work in the fishing industry, the town is struggling to keep up with infrastructure for its residents. Jump ahead to 2017 the booming fishing town is making headlines for a different reason.

Things are still swooping from the sky but this time they are of a less menacing nature.

A local commercial fisherman Jesse Pecks is hand feeding a convocation of eagles on the deck of a boat nestled in the up and coming seaside town in Unalaska, Dutch Harbor. Dutch Harbor is ranked as one the top fishing ports with more than a million dollars of revenue each year. The bald eagles must have caught wind of the abundance of aquatic delights and came soaring into town.

To see a bald eagle in the wild is said to be a chance encounter, a stroke of luck and a rare occurrence.

And to see one this close let alone hand feeding, that’s not enclosed in a zoo is truly one of nature’s blessings.

The video was first filmed in 2013 and is now resurfacing, doing the rounds on social media to the delight of its viewers.

As soon as Peck tosses a handful of food—the majestic birds flock over to feed as if they were a colony of seagulls.

As if this wasn’t ridiculous enough—the camera then pans to the left…

…showing yet another row of more of these rare birds.

And the cameraman’s not done.

After that, the video pans upward—showing that there are still more birds hanging around above the scene.

You have to watch it yourself to get the full effect:

The video features adult and juvenile birds and is an indication of the birds breeding and thriving in the seaside location. This rare event takes place on a daily basis in the fishing town and is drawing crowds and attracting tourism to the prominent fishing town. In the late 20th century the bald eagle was on the brink of extinction and put on the endangered species list.

The numbers have since recovered and the bald eagles has been removed from the endangered species list with a majority of the population residing in Alaska. More so Unalaska Dutch harbor. The bald eagle is an opportunistic carnivore and can consume a variety although the bald eagles in Alaska consume diet that is 66 per cent fish, hence the bird’s attraction to Dutch Harbor Unalaska.

This unnatural phenomena of the fisherman hand feeding the convocation of bald eagles is something to be marveled at and the sheer proximity of the birds to humans is an out of the ordinary occurrence.

The video has been viewed over 7 million times since first being uploaded in 2013 and is a testament to human’s curiosity for these huge birds.

The video has resurfaced from the depths of the internet and is has been viewed over two million times in the last two months.

The connection of human and animal remains truly magical and is one that words can’t describe. An unspoken bond between person and animal that will remain in the hearts of the citizens of Dutch Harbor and all those who have witnessed this beautiful moment in history.

The bald eagles can still be seen in Unalaska today as their population numbers flourish, and the days of their near extinction are left behind.

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