See what secrets your nail polish colour tells about you

We, girls, love to color our nails in different patterns and shades, may be because lacquered nails is an elegant and the most appropriate way to beautify your hands. But did you know the color you use most often to paint your nails signifies a lot about your personality? Let’s take a look at various nail polish looks and their meaning.

1. Delectable Dark

Usually, dark color indicates silence, mystery, loneliness, and in case of your nails, the dark shade typifies that you like to be little mysterious. You do not let other people understand you easily or entirely and you do not reveal your secrets in front of others. Well…that’s interesting.

2. Goluptious Gray

If you love to wear gray shade on your nails, you are going to smile after reading this. Gray nails symbolize that you are simply stylish and your sense of fashion is chic and cool. You like to try new things with conviction. Is it so?

3. Naughty Neon

In general, a girl with neon nails is considered to be the center of attraction in parties and gatherings. Neon nails tell that you own the potency to dazzle the world with your spark. Even, I feel a boost in my mood when it comes to neon shades.

4. Ravishing Red

Hey girls, red shade! Do I really need to talk about this? It is considered that girls with red nails feel more confident than usual and like to show-off their enticing facet. I guess this is one of the most suitable shades for all girls. What do you think?

5. Notching Nude

Nude shades have their own appeal and this is the reason why I like to invest in nude shade makeup. Wearing nude colors on nails is a classic way to bring elegance on your nails. Isn’t it true?

6. Gorgeous & Gutsy Glitter

It is supposed that girls who wear glitter on nails have a glitzy and shining personality. Such girls are fierce, gutsy; in short, these girls are ultimately amazing.

7. Gracious Graphic

The girls with graphic designs on nails are known to be optimistic and innovative by nature. It is said that such girls prefer to express their feeling through creative activities and generate great ideas even for small stuff. This sounds quite exciting!

8. Pretty Pink

There is a kind of relation between girls and their nails, and I completely agree with this fact. Coloring your nails with pink lacquer is a method to pamper your nails. Your pink nails are all enough to unveil your girly persona.

9. Fancy Floral

If you are wearing floral nail art on your nails, you must feel good because girls with floral nails are considered to be humble and polite. Furthermore, you are cautious about the responsibilities you are given.

10. Clear Nails

And now is the turn for my favorite style. Girls with clear nails or with mere top coat on nails are known to be fearless by nature. You believe that you can manage everything without the help granted by others.

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