Such an embarrassing blunder! Young woman emails photos of herself to car insurance agent

We’ve all been there before. Someone gives you seemingly simple instructions and for whatever reason you misinterpret them and do something completely different.

Alyssa Stringfellow shared a story on her Facebook profile, which was later shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page and it has everyone laughing.

The 25-year-old was interested in purchasing car insurance and wanted to join her grandmother’s policy.

Stringfellow’s car insurance was high; she knew it’d be best if she could join her grandmother’s policy.

Stringfellow contacted her grandmother and the two determined it would be a wise decision. Her grandmother got back to her and told her all of the information the insurance agent needed, her driver’s license number, date of birth, and “a picture straight on and a picture taken from each side.”

Sounds simple enough.

She gathered her information and sent an email to the insurance agent later that night.

The insurance agent required Stringfellow send three photos.

The following morning instead of receiving an email saying she had been added to the policy, she received an email that left her slightly embarrassed to say the least.

“I am going to need pictures like you just took, except it needs to be of your vehicle. :)”

The following day Stringfellow received an email from the insurance agent.

Rather then send photos of her car, she sent photos of herself. Oops!

In addition to the email from the insurance agent who kindly told her they needed pictures of her car, Stringfellow wrote that her grandmother sent her a text.

“I also had texts from my Memaw saying ‘Alyssa Rachael, did you send him pictures of YOURSELF!? It was supposed to be of your car!’”

The insurance agent reportedly called her grandmother and the two shared a laugh.

Stringfellow even remarked how when she had her mother take the photos they couldn’t understand why an insurance company would need photos of her.

Luckily the 25-year-old has been able to laugh at her mistake.

“It was such a blonde moment but it has given so many people a laugh that I don’t care anymore,” she said.

No word yet on whether or not she was added to her grandmother’s policy.

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