This pineapple seller dices fruit with astonishing skill and may be the most skilled pineapple cutter ever

We tend to have a special respect for people with amazingly skilled hands. Whether they are wonderful jugglers, pianists, or neurosurgeons, the talent and dedication necessary to master their craft never fails to impress us.

So, when a pineapple vendor uses his knife to dice up an entire fruit with only a few measures cuts, the internet is happy to tell him exactly how awesome he is.

Most fruit sellers treat their work as a necessary burden. But this man has a true love for the job he chose as his livelihood. He seems to have decided that if this is what he will do for the rest of his life, he’ll try and be the best at it.

So, when customers come up to his rolling cart and buy pineapples, what happens next is almost a performance worth paying front row seats for.

First, he looks for the perfect fruit in the pile. Once he finds a likely candidate, he picks up a wicked looking knife and begins by slicing off the top of the pineapple.

Then, he inserts the head of the sharp instrument just under the thick skin of the fruit and begins to cut along the wall of it. He is careful to put the knife only halfway through. After completing two circles, he pulls out the knife and puts the other side through the same treatment.

Then, he cuts quick horizontal and vertical lines along the bottom and top sections. Turning the fruit on its side, he cuts through the thick skin and creates cross sections across its body.

He only takes out one long slice from the middle, and then pulls out a plastic bag. With a final flourish, he holds the pineapple straight and gives it a good shake. And just like magic, all the juicy fruit inside the shell falls into the packet in neat, even slices.

Finally, the man puts the empty husk of the cleaned out pineapple on a pile of similar discards and hands over the plastic bag with a grin. This is one pineapple seller who knows exactly how impressive he is.

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