Top 10 Natural Wonders In The World

There are many wonders in this world. There is unbelievable and magnificent beautiful wonders are present in this world. When we go out and see things around us we found such a natural master pieces which makes you surprised and amazed . Have you dreamed of visiting some of the natural wonders or ancient and modern human created wonders of the world? Then don’t waste your time to thinking just decide and we are sure your trip to see the wonder of nature of world be memorable and pleasurable its best time to plan your vacations with your loved one to visit the natural wonder of world. Its good to see these top ten natural wonder of world and different tourism companies also arrange tour to these wonder with different price packages.

1. Frost Flowers at Diamond, Missouri, USA:

This is a natural phenomenon that takes place between fall & early winter in which thin layers of ice ejects from long-stemmed plants & forms incredible patterns that twists & turns like delicate ‘petals’ resembling its whole bunch with nice fragile looking flowers. These wonderful ‘frost flowers’ melt or sublimate upon exposure to the sunlight.

2. Magnetic Hill, Leh, India:

This natural miracle is truly amazing since, the magnetic force present on this hill is so strong that it pulls the vehicles atop the hill against the gravity. The magnetic field on top of the hill can interfere with the transmission of passing planes if they dare to fly over at a lower altitude.

3. Dead Sea, Jordan:

Dead Sea is relatively well known place as compared to the other places on this list. This hyper-saline sea pulls big herds of people who gather here to enjoy floating over water without putting any noticeable efforts, thanks to its high density of 1.24 kg/L!

4. Pink Lake Hillier, Australia:

This Western Australia located ‘Hillier Lake’ is renowned for its outstanding permanent pink-hued water that looks even more stunning if seen from the air as it is engulfed from all the sides by vibrant deep-green foliage. This picturesque lake is located in the ‘Recherche Archipelago’ in Western Australia. This lake has the high salt concentration & apart from this one, Australia has three more pink lakes which are relatively large in size & lighter in color than the ‘Hillier’.

5. Cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico:

The presence of porous limestone in the Yucatan Peninsula region has resulted in the absence of Ground Rivers as the water gets absorbed through the pores, giving rise to the underground rivers A Cenote is basically a sinkhole filled with water which is formed due to toppling of limestone bedrocks unveiling the underground water. People enjoy this natural wonder to the fullest extent as they swim & snorkel through this underground rivers.

6. Seven Colored Earth, Chamarel, Mauritius:

The Chamarel plain based small area of sand dunes is one of the most appreciated tourist destinations in Mauritius which has garnered the fame due to its epic ‘Seven Colored Earth’! The sand in this region is comprised of seven amazingly blended distinct colors (roughly- red, violet, brown, green, purple, yellow & blue) which creates an incredible pattern on the surface. People just love to fill up their glass bottles with this beautiful colored sand & keep it to themselves as a souvenir!

7. Kelimutu Crater Lakes, Flores Island, Indonesia:

This volcanic site resides close to a small town named ‘Moni’ in Indonesia & is world renowned for its crater lakes of varying colors which are situated in close proximity from each other. Out of the set of three striking lakes, ‘Tiwu Ata Bupu’ (Lake of Old People) usually appears in blue color & is situated in the westernmost part; whereas, the other two members of the pack, namely- ‘Tiwu Ko’o Fai Nuwa Muri’ (Lake of Young Men & Spinsters) & ‘Tiwu Ata Polo’ (Enchanted Lake) are generally acquire green & red color respectively. The lakes are known for changing their colors periodically, which happens prominently due to subaqueous fumaroles that activates upwelling in two eastern lakes separated by a common crater wall!

8. Colorful Icebergs, Antarctica:

Thick white snow-capped Antarctica features few exceptional icebergs which bear colorful stripes that make the icebergs look like huge candies floating on the surface of the ocean! This phenomenon takes place during the refreezing process of water after melting. When the water freezes to form icebergs, several external agents such as dirt & other particles get trapped in it that creates multi-colored bands on the white icy background which give rise to nature’s picture perfect artwork!

9. Zhangye Danxia, Gansu, China:

The colorful rock formation of ‘Zhangye Danzia Landform Geological Park’ is an incredible example of nature’s finest piece of artwork. This fairytale world of colorful landscape was laid some 24 million years ago due to the congregation of conglomerates & red-colored sandstones. This stunning landform park is heavily stuffed with the towering colorful danxia mountains, isolated by narrow, deep valleys & numerous shallow caves. In 2010, many danxia landscapes in Southern China have acquired the status of ‘UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites’.

10. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA:

The splendid Antelope canyon is world renowned for its eerie visual effects. The beams of the light that enters through the crevices on top of the canyon causes psychedelic visual impact which are visible only for an hour or half everyday around noon. Myriad visitors flock this candid place to witness this strange but interesting natural phenomena!


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