Useful tips that’ll help you to get rid of a stubborn body tan

The issue I am addressing today is the awful and most dreaded skin issue a lot of us face – Stubborn Body Tan.

Tan can look awful on arms and legs and can sometimes give us unflattering zebra stripes on various parts of the body. Being a working woman, my lifestyle involves travelling to work while the sun is shining in all its glory. Hence I personally struggle with tan on my arms and over the last few years I have figured out many products and remedies that have helped me in fighting this issue. Trust me there is nothing sexier than clear skin and this is not only restricted to the face, but also applies to the rest of the body. There are way too many products in the market which claim to help get rid of tan, but almost all of them focus on the face. Here are some tips, tricks and products which have helped me immensely.


Yes, just like how you practice scrubbing your face on a regular basis, scrubbing the rest of the body is equally if not more important in my opinion. You could try any of the body scrubs available in the market or make one at your home using the various remedies available on IMBB. Scrub your body every alternate day for faster results. I personally use the Body Shop Satsuma Body Polish at least three times a week because it is gentle enough to be used regularly, yet effective at getting rid of dead cells. And since it has a citrus base, it works even better on tan removal. Exfoliate your skin by rubbing your skin in circular motions rather than top to bottom motion. Apart from a good scrub, use a good quality loofah for cleansing the skin with soap or a shower gel on a daily basis.

Lightening Body Lotion

These days there are many body lotions available in the market which claim to lighten and whiten. Well I don’t believe in their whitening claims, but many of them are good at removing tan. I have used the Vaseline White Body Lotion as well as the Nivea Whitening Body Lotion. Both of them in my opinion work well in getting rid of tan if used regularly for a month or two. However, I did not like the Lotus White Body Lotion because it did not do its job of removing tan, but was also awfully greasy and made me sweat like a pig in the Chennai summer. Not a good experience.

Waxing Instead of Shaving

This is a much debated topic. But from my experience, waxing really helps in not only hindering re-growth of hair for a much longer time but also getting smooth, tan-free skin. Waxing helps in getting rid of the top dead layer of the skin as opposed to shaving, epilating or hair removal creams. So next time you feel fuzzy, make that parlor visit instead of being lazy.

Gram Flour Instead of Soap


My mom swears by Besan bath. She makes a mixture of Besan(Gram flour), pinch of turmeric, dash of lemon juice and curd/un-boiled milk into a paste and use it as a body cleanser while taking bath instead of a regular soap/shower gel. This really helps in giving a healthy glow naturally to the skin. I have found this reduces my tan much faster than anything else. You can do this a few times a week if not every day.

Rub Lemon/Tomato/Potato/Papaya

I like my green tea with lemon, so whenever I make green tea I use the squeezed lemon to rub my arms and feet. Do this half hour before taking a shower. But make sure you do this on a day you plan to stay inside because lemon makes the skin sensitive to sun. You can substitute lemon with a tomato, papaya or even a potato slice. It works every single time for me.


Rubbing coconut or almond oil on the skin also works in reducing uneven tone of the skin and gives it a healthy glow. I prefer to rub some Parachute coconut oil on my legs and arms before going to sleep. I feel like it is a small pamper for my skin and I love it when post shower the next morning your skin feels super hydrated. You can even oil your skin an hour prior to your shower, but I do not have that much time in the morning and by oiling at night you give your skin a chance to drink up all the oil and get absorbed better.


Last but not the least, it is important to prevent your skin from any future tanning, by using a good body lotion with sufficiently high SPF of at least 30. Cover up by wearing full sleeved shrug, socks to cover your feet in open sandals and avoid exposure to sun during peak hours of 11 AM-4 PM.

Of course the idea is not to lock yourself at home or not take that much awaited vacation to Goa, because unwinding and taking a vacation should be given as much priority as achieving your life goals. Hope you try out the above tips and find them extremely useful. Now go flaunt those arms in that sexy sleeveless top or the new pencil skirt because you deserve it.

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